Vastu Shastra in Daily Life

Vastu Shastra in Daily Life

  • Man’s quest for health and happiness has been rewarded by Nature in various forms. The evolution thereof is a never-ending process, though the momentum, depending on several factors, keeps on changing.’ Vastu’ is one of such forms.
  • Vastu takes into account not only architecture but also several other aspects, such as astrology and numerology. What leads to peace and harmony, which naturally are conducive to health and prosperity, is a limitless subject, understanding which is the privilege of a few.
  • But the basic laws of Vastu and numerology are not too many. A judicious application thereof is within the reach of the common man. It is much like choosing a channel on TV or tuning a wavelength on a radio set without having to learn electronics.
  • For a new house plan, application of the laws of Vastu is relatively simple. But, even where a structure has already come into existence, an exercise in drastic alterations and demolition is generally not called for.  And after the remedial measures are adopted, the results start appearing within three weeks to three months.
  • The relationship of the most common requirements of Vastu in a home with the well being of the residents deserves utmost attention. If the kitchen is not at the proper place, some member or the other is always found to be suffering from the severe digestive disorder.
  • If the north-east area is untidy or unshapely, the well being of male issues is found to be precarious.
  • The location of the master bedroom is, no doubt, significant.  But where that family includes a younger couple as well, the latter is well advised to be at the former’s north or under in the house. This eliminates the proverbial hostility of saas-bahu or devrani-jithani or Husband & wife.

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