Is South facing plot – Good or Bad?

Is South facing plot – Good or Bad?

It was never stated that south facing plots are baneful and deserve rejection. Only, other things being the same, a north or east-facing plot is more favorably placed than a south or west-facing plot.

The factors which go to enrich every plot must be taken into account like:

  1. Greater open space to the north and the east than that on west and south.
  2. Presence of tall building, hill or tall trees at the south.
  3. Here the Kitchen & Master Bedroom Comes in Front.
  4. Drawing Room & Entrance shifts to back or Side.
  5. The downward slope of the land and the roofs to north or east.
  6. Location of the main gate at the recommended place.
  7. Fixation of the main entrance of the house at east or north.

If a house incorporates the above attributes and additionally, the open spaces and the interiors are utilized for activities as recommended, the residents will naturally be prosperous even if the house faces south.

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