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Our Services

What We Do

Since 1999, we are in Interior Architecture Design, Renovation, Restoration, Conservation, Design, Planning, Concept & Theme Development of Houses, Flats, Bungalows, Farm Houses, Hotels, Resorts, Café, Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, Gaming Zone, Food Courts, Corporate Offices, Museums & Art Galleries’ Design, Shops & Showrooms, Schools & Colleges, Hospitals & Clinics, Personal & Public Garden -Landscape Designs as per Scientific Vastu Principles, etc. We help you in doing Map Making, Concepts & Themes Development, 3D Interior & Exterior Drawings, Materials Suggestions, and Selections as per your Budget, Taste & the Requirement of your dream projects.

You can take our consultancy services for:

a) Convert Your Paper Map into Cad/Digital Map: Measurements of the Existing Constructed Premises/Property for Renovation etc. & Making a CAD Drawing for the Same.

b) Get Your House Map Made By Us: Map Making in an Empty Plot, Map Making of the Existing House, Map Making of Upper Floors of the Existing Houses/Bungalow, etc.

c) Interior Space Planning & Designing including the Electrical, False Ceiling, Furniture Layout & Detailing, Floor Designing, Wall Concepts, Bathroom Designing & Planning, Bathroom Designing, etc.

d) Vastu Consultation – Before finalizing the Plot/Flat, Consultation of Existing Houses, If you or your loved ones are going through problems of Health Issues, Financials Crises, Relationship Problems/Disputes, Growth & Prosperity Hindrances, Negative Energies, etc.

Interior Architecture

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  • Map Making, Planning, 2D & 3D Drawings, Working Drawings
  • Concept, Idea Generation, Thematic Interiors
  • Material Suggestion & Selection, Supervision

Vastu Consultation

Everyone wants to cherish the positive aspect of Vastu for their Family, Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Growth, Happiness etc. When our ancestors have given us this science to live in accordance with the Nature, why not incorporate it and get its blessings!

Get your Vastu Checked. You can take our Consultation on Vastu or make us Visit:

  • • Before buying the Plot + For Making House Plan as per Vastu + Before Starting the Construction, for checking the Plan as per Vastu
  • • Existing House or Flat + Planning for Making Upper Floors + Renovation Time
  • • For Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Public, Retail areas

Landscape Design

You imagine Nature in any form say it Green or Blue, Plants, Trees or Water, we design it for you. It could be a Balcony Garden, or the Terrace Garden & Farming, Garden in the front of your house or the Backyard, From water falls, to Fountains, Foliage, Indoor or Outdoor Plants, to Public Gardens, Hotels and Resorts of all Categories, Farm Houses, Vertical Gardens, etc.

You can take our Consultation on:

  • Design of Garden of Hotels, Resorts, Marriage and Public Gardens
  • Landscape Concept and Design of Farm Houses, Orchids, or Private Gardens
  • Indore and Outdoor Landscaping Design, Planning & Conceptualization

Restoration & Conservation

Restoring & Conserving the Heritage properties in its own original form, using the old time tested, ancient techniques of construction, is one of our specialization. It includes, Havelis, Old Houses, Temples, Step-wells, etc. Any build monument or building having a heritage value. We are there to Assist you by our Consultation in saving, protecting, restoring, renovation etc. for making it safe & useful again.

You can consult us for:

  • Havelies or any old Residential Buildings.
  • Forts, Palaces, Rawals etc. to covert into the Hotels also.
  • Public Structures having a Heritage importance like Temples, Step-Wells, Gardens, Libraries, Ghats, Post offices etc.

Manual Drawings to Digitalization

We convert your Maps & other Drawings into Cad Drawings, 3D Drawings.


  • Exisitng Paper Maps into Auto CAD Maps
  • Existing House Maps into 3D Models
  • All types of Paper Drawings into Computerized Drawings.

Museums & Art Galleries

Designing the Museums & Art Galleries, in a most scientific way, that it does not harm the Antiques, & other Heritage Materials displayed is our USP. Developing it with the theme and concept to give the feel of that particular era & time zone is our another specialization

If you are planning to develop or renovate any such property, say its your ancient heritage house to be converted into a art center, or you want to display your personal collections, Painting & Art Galleries, all are our interests & specializations.

  • Government & Private Museums
  • Paintings & Art Galleries
  • Antiques & Handicraft Emporiums