Hello Friends, I am Gaurav Singhvi, Interior Designer & Vastu Consultant, in practice since 1999, I came across many small things that we ignore in our houses & hence get affected and get bad results. In this blog, I thought of sharing some small tips of Vastu, for your children who are studying. I am sure these few changes, if you do, will make a big difference in their results. Try it & share your experiences, with me and also let me know, if you want me to write on any specific topic of Vastu.

  1. Never sleep with the head to the West and North.
  2. Never sleep in the North-West sector of the home or North-West part of the room (if the child is a boy).
  3. Never sleep in the South-East sector of the home or South-East sector of the room (if the child is a girl).
  4. Avoid mirrors in children bedroom. Here the word bedroom is mentioned, because in our country, children uses one room for sleeping & study
  5. Do not Study on the bed if you really wants a good result.
  6. Study facing East or North. You can place your study table in such a way that when you study, you are facing East or the North.
  7. Keep the study table and area extremely clean without dumping books and papers around.
  8. Have the study area in the North-East sector of the home or the North-East part of the room.
  9. Have a water fountain or half a dozen bamboo plants in the North-East area of the living room (where the family sits together) but never in the corner.

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