Vastu Shasta Consultation

Vastu Shasta Consultation

Vastu Shastra Consultation

Since 1999, As Vastu Consultants, we analyze the structure of a home or office, factory, or any other living or working space. We can be beneficial at any time, when you need help, even from the beginning of your project such as looking for the right location/plot or creating internal designs and planning.

Get Honest, Authentic, and Genuine guidance from Gaurav Singhvi, A Scientific Vastu Consultant You can consult us (Online & Onsite).

  • Before you buy a Plot/Flat or any Residential or Commercial Property.
  • For Map Making as Per Vastu Principles.
  • Consultation for the Existing House, you are Living in.
  • During the Renovation of your house or Making Upper Floors.
  • Going through Financial losses, Relationship Issues, Health Problems, litigation, etc.

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