Arki Fort – (2) Forts of Himachal Pradesh , India

Arki Fort – (2) Forts of Himachal Pradesh , India

Arki palace is located in Arki, India, a town in Himachal Pradesh.

The Arki palace was built between 1695 – 1700 by Rana Prithvi Singh, a descendant of Rana Sabha Chand. The Fort was captured by the Gurkhas in 1806. Rana Jagat Singh, the ruler of Baghal had to take refuge in Nalagarh. During this period from 1806 – 1815, the Gurkha General Amar Singh Thapa used Arki as his stronghold to make further advances into Himachal Pradesh as far as Kangra.

Arki was the capital of the princely hill state of Baghal, which was founded by Rana Ajai Dev, a Panwar Rajput. The state was founded around 1643 and Arki was declared as its capital by Rana Sabha Chand in 1650.

Arki Fort is said to have been established in between the 17th and the 18th centuries during the reign of Rana Prithvi Singh, when Arki was the capital of the Baghal State, which was ruled by the Ranas and Rajputs of that time. However, later on, it was conquered by the Gorkhas in the early 18th century, who used it as their base camp to spread their kingdom in Himachal Pradesh.

Built at an elevation of about 4100 ft, Arki Fort is one of the magnificent forts, which narrate the glorious and miserable past of the state. Even though it is acting as the official residence of the descendants of Arki kings, you can still capture its captivating beauty on your camera. Surrounded by sky-high hills covered with rich vegetation, the environment of Arki Fort is all set to take you back in time.

There are a number of places in Arki which will certainly allure you. These places include Lutru Mahadev Temple, Dhundan, Baniya Devi, Shiv Guffa and Devdhar Temple. As the region of Arki is rich in natural beauty with the presence of forests and hills, you can also go trekking and camping here.

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