Everyone wants a happy, healthy and a wealthy home with all material comforts as well as peace of mind. If you are eating junk food or staying up late or working long hours, this is a common phrase thrown at you. However, it is true, without good health, everything is redundant. Our health also depends on the environment we live in or the atmosphere at our home or workplace. If there is tension, animosity, or some unseen issue, Vastu Shastra can help resolve these problems. The underground water geomagnetic vibrations or Bio – Electromagnetic radiation can causes incurable diseases like Cancer, Migraine, Kidney failure, high BP and cardiovascular diseases, even though that house fulfills Vaastu compliance,  and this an invisible element.

Friends, I am Gaurav Singhvi, an Interior Designer & Vastu Consultant, in practice since 1999, I came across many small things that we ignore in our houses & hence get affected and get bad results. In this blog, I am sharing some small tips of Vastu, for the good health of your family & you. Try this free tips & share your experiences, with me and also let me know, if you want me to write on any specific topic of Vastu.

You can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & on my YouTube channel with my name “GAURAV SINGHVI” . You can listen to these tips both in Hindi & English mix language for the ease of your understanding. You can subscribe it, share it among your friends & relatives, whom you think can get benefited & for getting the notification for the further videos, you can press the bell icon too.

Use the below Vastu tips in your home to attract wealth. ‘Health is wealth’ is one of the most common things one gets to hear.

  1. Use color schemes different for roof and wall.
  2. Additionally, there should not be any tree facing window or main entrance door. That increases the negativity in the house.
  3. Keeping garbage or clutter in the northeast direction hampers the blood circulation.
  4. Design a house in such a way, there shall be maximum sunlight and proper cross ventilation during the day time which gives maximum good health to the habitats.
  5. The basic principle of Vastu is to ensure the free flow of energy or Prana throughout the house.
  6. The first and simplest way to happen this is to keep the house clean and neat, free from excess clutter, which can obstruct the Pranic energy. And the out-most principle is to accomplish the correct balancing with the nature’s five elements as a result that can maximize the happiness of the habitats.
  7. Unfortunately, most of the modern house architecture is based on function alone and is not designed in harmony with the elements of nature, which we forcefully leaving to influence on our health, wealth and happiness.
  8. Never use the space below stairs for store, toilet, bathroom or anything else. It only increases heart and nervous Sickness
  9. When sleeping on the bed, ensure you sleep with your head towards the south.

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