In the past 13 years of my career counselling, i have realized that the students have no idea about their abilities, their interests, their liking & the career they chose. they choose it randomly & later realize that they are not happy & contended. They work half halfheartedly & hence hinder their own growth. They are unable to handle the pressure of work, just because they don’t enjoy doing it, they hardly use their creativity to enhance their work..reason is same…they do not enjoy what they are doing…they are left with no charms towards work & life. They unfortunately leave their creativity which is required to grow in every work. But by that time its too late.

(The SAD part) The credit goes to the parents – they neither have any idea about their children interest nor they are willing to know. They have a misconceptions about which i have been hearing often from them: “that they know their children well & they know what is good for them”, but unfortunately they are not, most of the time. They have their own notions & they govern their children since the beginning & keep telling them what is to be done…Say if a father is an industrialist, he will make him do engineering & MBA by all means & finally make him join his industry…its not wrong to think that way..but problem arises when the child is not capable or have no interest in it….

I happened to meet students on daily basis, they are so careless about their studies & their career. They have no idea about where they are heading? When asked for their Interests, passion, subjects they like, career they choose & what they wanted to become – there is not relation of anything…They have no certain goals. When asked about it – the answer is shocking. They say that whatever they want to do, their parents do not like & allow them to do. They complaint about the distances between their parents & them. They just come to school to have good time with their friends, with whom they can share their dreams, their fantasies, their passion. For them school is a place to be with friends. …….. there are so many cases to quote….for now just (Remember 3 Idiots movie)

The children become so habitual of what their parents says regularly , that they started feeling & believing  that, that’s the only right path for them. I request all, please not to do this, your ambitions were yours, your aspirations were yours not your children’s..please let them fly..make them independent, confident, give them a liberty to choose their own path of life & career.

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