How will be Our Future Home Office? Post Corona!

How will be Our Future Home Office? Post Corona!

Hope you all are safe at home and have learnt to adjust with this new style of Life.   I thought about the issues of the people who have to work from home.

In my designing experience, since 1999, I have seen that people simply used to have study table for the kids’ room for their study proposes and have a small desk under or beside of the TV cabinet, just in case they have to work on laptops or study sometime. Most of the times, that table uses to be the place to keep extra things. That’s it.

But now, as work from home culture is being practiced because of the quarantine situations, we will see the return of dedicated workspace at home, real home offices, more than just temporary corners in a room. When you spend a lot of time working from home, you need to have a space to be actually separated from the rest of the house, to be more productive but also to have a clear separation between working hours and relaxing at home hours.

Comfortable office furniture, good lighting, efficient storage, will see a rising demand soon in home decor. In addition to this, we will design home offices to be suitable for video calls, that’s to say to have as much soundproofing as possible, and be also aesthetically pleasant to be shown on a screen.

As highlighted in the point before, we are starting to do some activities at home that require new solutions we did not have before. As for example, video calls require soundproofing solutions, a trend we already saw a lot last year among workspace and that will be now part of the home environment as well.

Our home offices will also change, it won’t have just a desk but a complete office. Here are few of the changes, which I suggest, which will be seen in our homes.

The first and the foremost thing will be separate room for the work space. Where all your official documents, files and other important papers will be kept safe and assorted for ready use. Apart from that, the need of a separate room will occur because of the disturbances at home. So, you will be needing a private and soundproofed room to work with full concentration and without any noise or disturbances. It will be away from kitchen and entrance area too.

The room will be technically Equipped with a big TV screen for team meeting, conferences, video conferencing etc. along with the separate Laptop or Desktop, where your kids and other family members will not be playing games or doing their project works. The system will entirely be dedicated for the office work so that you don’t loose some important and confidential files form your laptop, desktop etc.

Dedicated & speedy Wifi internet connections will be a special addition, as in the future, most of the time will be spend on seeing emails, attending video calls, and conducting webinars, video conferencing etc.

It will have comfortable furniture so that you can have an exertion free working. There will be a separate piece of furniture, say lounger or a sofa to relax, if you want to, in between work.

The room will have a big window, to have a view of the outside, and get maximum natural light and a good quality air. Will have some plants to get pure oxygen in the room along with the AC. It will be pleasing to see the open area and the plants to sooth our nerves. These big windows will give the felling of openness of the office area. Light will be used more as in office to give a feel of the day light, so that you don’t realize that its dark outside.

Proper filing storage will be provided, so that you can keep the documents and files in an organised manner. Proper shelves, closed cupboard, will get its place either on the floor or on the wall, as the space permits.

These are the few of the new things, which you will see in the upcoming new homes, houses, where you will have a home office as well.

This is your  Interior Designer friend Gaurav Singhvi, Signing off. Hope this will help all the architects, Interior Designers, Builders & people who have to work from home. See you soon, with some another interesting blog of your choice.



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