Vastu Shastra is based upon two important scientific facts:

Vastu Shastra is based upon two important scientific facts:

Vastu Shastra is based upon two important scientific facts:

  1. Magnetic Property of the Earth and the gravitational and magnetic forces created by the materials inside the Earth.
  2. Rotation of the Earth on its axis, and the centrifugal and other forces created by its movements.
  1. Magnetic Property of the Earth:

Our Mother Earth was created from the minerals and dust from the lava of Sun 4.54 million years ago. Due to the large content of iron particles present in the form of solid and molten state in our Earth, it has a magnificent magnetic property. The North Pole emits the positive magnetic energy and the South Pole performs the Negative part receiving this energy. Hence, our Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field all over its mass.

If we break a small magnet into pieces, each part will get its own North and South poles and start acting as an individual magnet. Similarly, when the Earth is divided into small parts as an individual property, every division will attain a magnetic field having its own North and South Pole. As the buildings are constructed with the materials containing iron particles as well, this magnetic effect is further magnified. Vastu Shastra applies certain principles to gain from this magnetic force.

  1. Rotation of the Earth:

The main logic behind almost all the rules of Vastu Shastra depends on these principles: We are traveling along with the Earth with all our belongings towards North-East direction constantly at a speed of 1070 miles or 1670 kilometers per hour. The forward direction is North-East due to the inclination of the Earth. The division of the Earth, constructions buildings and utilization of the buildings shall not be against this motion.

For example supposing we have to carry a large and heavy box in a two-wheeler (Bike):

  • If the box is placed in the front side on the handle bar, it will reduce our speed and comfort as well restrict our vision
  • If the box is kept on either left or right side, our balance will not be easy and fall down.

The only best option is to tie the box in the backside in a carrier, so that our travel is very comfortable.

This is the theory applied in the Vastu Rules.

Our Earth is rotating inclined about 23.5 degrees towards North-East direction and rotates on its own axis without any rest since more than 4.54 billion years and also rotates the Sun without any axles, bearings or motors. The weight we keep in our place should not hinder its movement. Therefore,

  • Keep heavy weight in South-West and lower weight in North-East corner.
  • Balance the South-East and North-West corners with medium weight.

A good example is loading a bullock cart, which runs on only two wheels and without any ball bearings. The cart man balances the cart by distributing the weight, so that pulling it is comfortable for the bullocks. The Earth is rotating and rolling towards the North-East direction, hence keeping heavy weight at that direction would strain its moment.

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