Modern Physics and Vastu Shastra

Modern Physics and Vastu Shastra

Human beings and their dwellings, indirectly evident or in mystic ways, are affected by the motion of the Earth, and the microscopic as well as the macroscopic effects of the forces of gravitation and electro-magnetism. Some points to be considered are, gravitation and geomagnetism are the two forces which have direct influence on the animate and inanimate objects on this Earth. Though, there are attempts to incorporate short range force of repulsion in theory of relativity, gravitation is known to be a long range force of attraction and the magnetic effect involves forces of attraction as well as repulsion.

Gravitational interactions, as per Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’, can be interpreted in terms of space-time geometry. Space-time is womb of hidden and manifest events.

Man has no control over time factor, but for harmonious relationship with the cosmos, he can alter the space he lives in.

Vastu Shastra defines and shapes spaces for designing dwellings that are in harmony with the Earth/ Nature, and are beneficial to the mind and body of the persons occupying these houses.

‘Dik-kaal’ (‘Dik’ means direction and ‘Kaal’ means time) is the theme of Vastu Shastra. Space-time is its reflection in modern physics. Science has been part of Vastu Shastra analysis and studies.

Modern research has proved that the ancient science Vastu has a firm scientific basis. As modern science developed, it began to probe to the deeper levels of Natural Law. At each level, scientists found progressively greater intelligence and power.

In the last decade, modern physics explored the deepest level of all the Unified Field of Natural Law. The intelligence at this level of Natural Law is the source of all the forms, and phenomena in Nature. The architecture of everything in Nature is eventually designed from here.

The Natural Law has for the first time provided a building technology that will transform the way people think and feel; homes and offices by their mere design create good health, clear thinking, happiness, harmony, and prosperity for the family or business. According to Vastu a Southern entrance may sometimes be inauspicious and can interfere with the support of Natural Law and brings negative influences to the inhabitants of the building.

Accordingly, there is an ideal place for the living room, the kitchen, the dining rooms, and the bedrooms. It is important to place each room in the house in the proper location according to its function, so that one does not become sleepy in the dining room or hungry in the study. This is one of the many factors that are considered to ensure that every aspect of daily activity is in harmony with Natural Law.

Just as every part of the human body is properly placed and precisely proportioned, there is an ideal proportion for every room in the home and office for Natural Law to provide maximum support.

Latest research in Neuro-science has shed light on the fact that our Cosmic counterparts, the Sun, Moon and the planets have a one-to-one relationship to the different parts of the brain: basil ganglia, thalamus and hypothalamus. This natural tendency to align with the Cosmos has led to the concept of orienting buildings towards the East to gain the full support of the rising Sun.


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