Magnetic Poles in our Body – Scientific Vastu Shastra

Magnetic Poles in our Body – Scientific Vastu Shastra

Ever Wondered! What can be the reason of the disturbed sleep, unnecessary tensions, blood pressures? Can you just relate these disturbed sleeping patterns & blood pressure issues with the vastu shastra principles? Let me tell you about the scientific aspects of the working of human body with reference to the Magnetic poles of the Earth and the MAgnetic poles of our Body.

Human body itself acts as a magnet with the head, the heaviest and important part of the body, as the North Pole. If the head is directed towards the North while sleeping, the North Pole of the Earth and that of the Human Body repel each other affecting the blood circulation, causing disturbed sleep, tension and other connected problems.

It is well-established fact that nervous system of the human body communicates with the help of electric impulses, thus producing electro-magnetic field around the part of the body. Muscles also produce electrical potential. Activities of human body are primarily controlled by the electrical and chemical reactions inside the body. Any movement of charge, howsoever small, will produce electrical field around the direction of movement. Again, any surrounding magnetic field will, thus have an effect on the electrical activities of parts of human body. Thus, the entire Human body is the net result of these tiny magnetic fields distributed within the human body, which is equivalent to a magnet matching the size of a human body.

The heaviest and important part of the body (i.e. ‘Head’) behave as North Pole because ‘Head’ is the most powerful source of electric and magnetic fields in the organism and also that in the eye the magnetic field induction, is significantly higher than other parts of the body.

Hope this scientific explanation will help you in building the trust on Vastu Shastra, and you will try to gain its benefits for your healthy life.


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